Av. Juarez, on the edge of Centro
Isla Mujeres

This is my favorite Isla Mujeres restaurant for local cookin'. Untill arriving on Isla Mujeres I've had two unfilled Mexican food quests. La Lomita exceeded my hopes in both.

I've never had a better mole sauce as served with their pollo mole. Rich, complex, plate licking good.

Chile Rellenos in the US have always disappointed. Maybe they can't get the proper poblano pepper. La Lomita serves the chile rellenos of my mind's eye - as good as I knew it could be.

Never heard of frijole sopa before - that's it on the right. Beans and rice topped with tomatoes, avocados, cilantro, onions, limes and more. So good.

La Lomita is a bit out of the way, Centro wise. But well worth searching out.

Update 2012: Chili Relleno just as good. Cold Sol beer in a frosted mug to chase it down.