118 W Lafayette Blvd
Detroit, MI
(313) 964-8198

Monday thru Sunday
7:30 AM to 4:30 AM

For years folks have been telling me that I had to get to Detroit and to Lafayette Coney Island. Now I know why. Over the past 93 years, Lafayette has been serving one of the best hot dogs in the country.

Above, a Coney Island All The Way - A grilled hot dog, topped with Coney Island chili and made "all the way" by topping with mustard and onions. Along side, a Loose All The Way - their loose hamburger meat with Coney Island chili on a hot dog bun, again topped with mustard and onions.

What makes both so special is the Coney Island chili - a mild chili with a Clark Kent like kick. It sops nicely into the bun and tastes great with the hot dog. The onions and mustard finish it off. Not as chili hot as Texas Wiener sauce and more flavor than Cincinnati chili. Washes down nicely with a Vernor Ginger Ale.

Service is friendly and casual. Grab a seat where you can - a server will take your order, bring your food and collect your money.

Across from the Westin if you're trying to figure out where to stay when in Detroit.

July 2010