Colonia La Gloria
Isla Mujeres

Open Daily
Lunch and Dinner

This little neighborhood restaurant is well out of Centro, but very close to where I was staying. Which is fortunate. Great home style cooking and hospitality.

Sundays, while it lasts, La Bruja serves a seafood stew/soup called Chilpachole - shrimps, squid, lobster and more, all in a spicy broth. A lot of hand labor to eat, but well worth the extra effort. They run out early. Best to get there before one.

My first time at La Bruja I started with a sope, totally cooked to order, followed by grouper sauted with olive butter.

Another day I made a lunch of their queso fondido and guacamole.

2009 Update - As good as ever. Started with a very creamy home made guacamole. Then garlic shrimp.

2012 Update - La Bruja is still my go to place for local cooking out in the Colonias. Good home cooking.