4309 Locust Street
Philadelphia PA
(215) 222-8662

Open Thursday Thru Tuesday
"Never on Wednesday"

That's half a pound of pastrami sitting on the scale.  Half a pound!  One Sandwich!!

That's why there is always a line at Koch's.  Good deli, good prices, great value.

This may account for the length of the line, but not for it's snail's pace.  That's all on Bobby Koch - welcoming everyone, joking with most, passing out samples - all sorts of delaying tactics.

What accounts for people willing to pay homage to Koch's and stand in line for an hour or two is also Bobby Koch.  Time passes quickly enough, and the show is free.

This visit a woman became faint and had to leave.  The bad news, she was behind me in line, so it didn't didn't shorten my wait.