249 East Washington Avenue. Ashburn, GA
(229) 567 - 0333

Open Monday - Saturday
8 AM - 9:30 PM

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Keith-A-Que once again proves my theory about finding good eating most anywhere and particularly in the South. Get off the interstate and head into the nearest town.

The town this time is Ashburn, off I-75 in south Georgia. Saw a couple of barbecue places so I asked a local. She said Keith-A-Que. I circled the place, saw some wood out back, and gave them a try.

Above is their chopped pork sandwich. Sauce is more smoky than hot. Those are buts in the smoker. They do sliced butt sandwiches also.

Tried a chili dog too. Ashton's south of Macon, but close enough to serve their dogs Nu-Way fire engine red.

March 2006