1507 Wilmington Pike Rte. 202
Just North of Route 1
West Chester, PA
(610) 459-3083

Daily 10 AM - 8 PM

Jimmy John's basic hotdog is good, but I go for their special frankfurter.  It's an old fashioned frankfurter, short and squat with a crisp natural casing.  The bun used for all hot dogs is baked with a slit top and sort of a cross between a standard hot dog bun and a kaiser roll.  Excellent.  I also tried their pork roll sandwich.  Shiny, greasy, and perfect on the above mentioned hot dog bun. 

Anyone into model trains is in for a real treat.  They are everywhere - circling the entire restaurant at ceiling level, shuttling back and forth along the back wall, and tooting away en masse in a large display case in the center of the dining room.

Jimmy Johns suffered a fire in May 2010. All better now. They reopened in
December 2010.