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The soldiers at Fort Dix are picking up a taste of Jersey culture - Italian Hot Dogs. The guy in front of me ordered a "Polish". He had to be from Chicago.

Did he want potatoes on it? Peppers? Onion?" Nope, "Just mustard and relish. Wait, what's that?" The customer next to him was handed a double Italian hot dog. "I'll take one of those. Never seen a hot dog like that before."

Can't ask for a better location. Just outside of Fort Dix's main gate. Most of the customers were soldiers when I stopped by.

That's a double Italian hot dog above, a single sausage to the right and a singe dog below that. The innards are perfect - not only the hot dog or sausage, but the peppers, onions and potatoes too. The pizza bread it comes in is more American than Italian, but they're working at that. For some reason the Italian Bakeries in South Jersey can't bake North Jersey pizza bread.

Funny thing. Even though the bread is softer than traditional pizza bread I liked the way it made the dog more functional. Easier to crush everything together to fit in my mouth.

November 2008