2682 Mount Carmel Avenue
(215) 886-2818

Monday thru Saturday  11 AM to 10 PM

The food isn't exactly fast.  Which is good because everything is cooked to order, and cooked very well.

Got to start with the fries.  Fantastic.  Fresh cut, fried to order.  Fried only once. On the counter white vinegar and balsamic vinegar.  That is how to tell a place is serious about fries - white vinegar for sprinkling over them.

I had the regular cheeseburger topped with mustard.  They also build a deluxe with lettuce, tomato and onion.

The hot dog is a thing of beauty.  Large, grilled and precisely garnished with mustard.  Toasted roll too, same as the burger.

Next time I'll order the small cone.  That is a medium - really big.  Jack Frost also hand dips hard ice cream.

This is like going back in time to before someone coined the term "fast food."  A time when even at a hamburger stand everything was cooked to order and served with pride.

July 2009