2551 South 12th Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 465-1780

Daily 9 AM to 10 PM

This is one of those places mostly only South Philadelphians know about and tend to keep secret.  Great water ice, every imaginable color and flavor. Bless them, they even do a sugar free lemon flavor for those of us who should watch our sugar intake.

Italiano's didn't stop there. They invented the water ice and ice cream combination called Gelati. "Back in 1970 mom put water ice and ice cream together and decided to call it Gelati. We are definitely the original. Anyone (else) using the Gelati name is just playing follow the leader." I think they are talking to you, Rita.  That's a mango ice with vanilla ice cream gelati on the right.

It was their pretzels that brought me to Italiano's the first time. Word had it they are the best around. I showed up sometime around 3 PM.  The nice lady behind the counter welcomed my order, "Great timing. The second bake pretzels just came out of the oven." First bake happens in the morning. First bake or second bake are fine by me. Really good pretzels.

What to order? Easy. An Italian ice and a pretzel.

January 2012