24 N Main Street
Port Chester, NY
(914) 939-7271

Open Daily
To 3:00 AM Weekdays
To 5:00 AM Weekends

Not your typical Texas Weiner. It's the chili. Awfully good, mighty hot. Let a friend go first before you bite in.

The chili stockpot in the window was brimming. I'm thinking they never completely empty it. They just keep adding as needed. Some the chili in there may date back to when Hubba whipped up their first batch.

Expensive wall paper. Most everyone signs a dollar bill. The walls and ceiling are covered with them. The counter guy estimated $10,000

Hubba's name is confusing. The sign says Hubba, but it is listed everywhere as Pat's Hubba Hubba. Either works for me.

Had some serious company hosting me. Roadfood (THE Roadfood) co-founder Michael Stern and Stephen Rushmore who runs their site and the Roadfood operation. Kinda neat, that.

August 2009