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I have mixed feelings about Hot Diggity. Mostly positive, a good variety of dogs and great fries. But they use an Italian style roll for their dogs. If Hot Diggity switched to a good old fashioned American hot dog bun and steamed or toasted it, I'd be a much happier camper.

I'm guessing Hot Diggity chose the Italian buns because their thing is to top their dogs with all sorts of stuff. Above, their version of the Chicago hot dog - no sports peppers, poppyseedless bun, but the the relish is genuine neon green.

On the upper right, maybe my favorite - a home made fish cake wrapped around the dog and fried. Topped with pepper hash and mustard. Their take on the Philly surf and turf but without stomping the fishcake onto the dog. The fishcake is great - so good it would make a great fish sandwich on its own, without a hot dog.

The french fries may be the best in Philadelphia. Ask that they go easy on the salt.

Maybe I'm too much the old dog, adverse to new tricks. I'm happiest with a classic hot dog - snappy casing, steamed or grilled hot dog bun and topped with mustard and relish or mustard, chopped onion and Coney Island sauce. Anything more and the hot dog plays second fiddle to the toppings. That's just me though. Hot Diggity does what they do very well.

January 2012