6951 Ohio River Road

Lesage WV 

(304) 762-2458

Open Daily

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​Some places you go to because they're so much fun the food isn't all that important. Hillbilly Hot Dogs is great fun, but their food is dang good too.

The dinner bell rings, ma yells a shrill "Come and git it." Your dogs are ready. Collect them at the counter and head to the dining room, two former church busses attached to the side of the main shack.

All manner of dogs - The Hillbilly Dog with ketchup, chili, mustardm relish and onion to the right above - the Snuffy Dog to the left, same thing, no ketchup. Next time, I'll go for a Junk Yard Dog - the works, all of the above plus slaw, kraut, cheese, jalapenos and barbecue sauce.