350 Atwood Ave
Cranston, RI
(401) 942-9534

Open til 2 PM Daily

We were heading to a diner in Cranston that turned out to be long gone.  Apparently in its place, a firehouse.  Good news.  Firefighters know where the good breakfast places are.

They did.  Harriet's Kitchen, a long time Cranston breakfast haunt.  Fortunately we got there early enough on a Saturday to not have to wait in line. 

I did the corned be hash.  As I ordered I pleaded with the waitress to make sure the soft boiled eggs were indeed soft. When my order arrived there was a third poached egg in a cup.  "One of those eggs looked a little hard, so I brought you another just in case."  She may be my favorite waitress of the year.

We also tried the combination omelet - bacon, ham, sausage, mushrooms, onions and cheese and a french toast and eggs combo platter.  I later learned that Harriet's whips up some spectacular pancakes, too.

Along side everything - the best home fries of the trip.

September 2008