Freeport Wharf (Town Landing)
Freeport, ME
(207) 865-3535

Open Daily til 8 or so

The pity about Freeport is that most travelers head to Freeport or avoid Freeport because of all the outlet stores including LL Beam just off I-95.  Most don't realize that a bit more east is the old landing, the town wharf and Harraseeket.

It's not that no one finds Harraseeket.  When I got there about 8 pm on a Friday there was a 45 minute wait - not for a table, but to get your order cooked.  This was in mid-June.  Come high season the wait can be 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  Not sure I'd wait that long, but was glad I put in my 45 minutes.  Had a bowl of rich thick seafood chowder to tide me over.  But the fried clams (make sure to order them "crumbs" not "battered") are worth at least a 45 minute wait.

Finished my meal off with a Guilford's Deer Sign ice cream cone.  Deer sign ice cream is coffee ice cream streaked with fudge swirl and HeathBar chunks.  I'm not all that much an outdoorsman to know for sure, but I'm of mind that the Deer Sign ice cream is a local joke akin to "don't eat the brown snow."