224 S. 15th Street
Philadelphia PA
(215) 985-9600

Open Daily til late

This is the old Frankie Clemmet's, scrubbed up a bit.  Still your basic bar with a row of tables along the wall.  Great selection of beers.

That's a Good Dog Burger above.  A half pound of ground beef, filled with Roquefort cheese and topped with caramelized onions.  It's a tall burger and first time I ate it I held it up to my mouth, and squeeze it down.  Like a novelty, joke burger the melted blue cheese squirted down my arm.  I licked it off and kept eating.

Upper right is the grilled cheese.  Fontina, asagio and gruyere cheeses with bacon and thin sliced apples, on what they call brioche. 

To the right, their version of the New Orleans muffaletta.  Sliced fennel salami, aged provolone, and traditional muffaletta topping served on olive bread.  I was expecting a bigger, hoagie like sandwich.  But this sandwich packs so much intense flavor per bite, that this time size truly didn't matter.

Sandwiches all come with a mix of fresh cut regular and sweet potato fries.