Franklin Museum
20th and the Parkway
Philadelphia PA

Tuesday Thru Sunday
Noon til Dusk

I had to try the Love Burger - nice thick hamburger patty, charbroiled to order to medium rare, served between two grilled cheese sandwiches.  Lettuce, tomato and sliced fresh onion on the side.  It was good, but a bit overwhelming to gulp down.  Next time I'll get the regular Frog Burger, with cheddar and bacon - less gimmicky.

As a side this time, fried green tomatoes with remoulade dipping sauce. Next time - likely the grilled corn with chili-lime butter. Fries are another option - plain, garlic, jalapeno or cheese fries.

For a simple hamburger stand, there is a lot happening.  Gazpacho, a variety of burgers, hot dogs and a Chesapeake crab roll. 

Dessert.  Their carrot cake (AKA Commissary carrot cake) and I have a history going back thirty some years.  My first day in Philadelphia, interviewing for a job, I stopped by the Commissary for lunch where I became emotionally involved with their carrot cake.  Ever since the Commissary closed I have craved  craved Commissary Carrot Cake.  Now, at least in the summer, I have a dependable source.

I probably should have mentioned in the opening paragraph that Frog Burger is a stand set up in Philadelphia's Franklin Institute.  We also go back a long time.  As a kid, the Franklin Institute was just about my favorite place in the world.  A wondrous place though now seemingly overrun by small kids nowhere near as well behaved as I.

August 2010