121 Congress Street
Portsmouth, NH
(603) 430-2154

Monday - Thursday: 7AM to Midnight
Friday and Saturday:  24 Hours
Sunday:  7 AM to 9 PM
Website:  The Friendly Toast

This could be Carman's Country Kitchen's (Philadelphia) sister restaurant.  Kindred spirit.  Kindred menu.  Kindred servers.  In fact it was Carman who told me about this place.

I was there for breakfast.  Great menu.  Almond Joy Cakes, Huevos Rancheros, Green Eggs and Ham, Greek Scramble, and a few daily specials like a waffle filled with poppy seeds and topped with mangos, kiwi and lemon whipped cream or a french omelette of asparagus, brie, cilantro and squeezed lemon.  Sounds like Carman to me.

I had orange french toast - topped with grand marnier and marmalade sauce.