121 Congress Street
Portsmouth, NH
(603) 430-2154

Monday - Thursday: 7AM to Midnight
Friday and Saturday:  24 Hours
Sunday:  7 AM to 9 PM
Website:  The Friendly Toast

This could be Carman's Country Kitchen's (Philadelphia) sister restaurant.  Kindred spirit.  Kindred menu.  Kindred servers.  In fact it was Carman who told me about this place.

I was there for breakfast.  Great menu.  Almond Joy Cakes, Huevos Rancheros, Green Eggs and Ham, Greek Scramble, and a few daily specials like a waffle filled with poppy seeds and topped with mangos, kiwi and lemon whipped cream or a french omelette of asparagus, brie, cilantro and squeezed lemon.  Sounds like Carman to me.

I had orange french toast - topped with grand marnier and marmalade sauce.

Orange french toast is one of the best french toast recipes you can try. You may not have thought of having Grand Marnier for breakfast before, but this recipe shows how to do it.