847 Ritner St, Corner of 9th
Philadelphia PA
(215) 271-7878

Monday to Saturday 8 AM to 8 PM
Sunday  8 AM to 2 PM
Closed Sundays During Summer

The donut bakery for generations of South Philadelplhians, Frangelli's makes the best donuts in Philadelphia. Old school donuts.

Especially their jelly donuts. Premium black raspberry jelly filled and then topped with a blizzard of powdered or granulated sugar. Early in the morning jelly donuts are still warm from the fryer and often filled to your order.

Glazed donuts too. And cake. All spectacular. I'll get a chocolate covered raised donut for the drive home.

Sticky buns are baked by the sheet pan - a choice of nuts or raisins. Sold in sets of three. Soft and fresh and, yeah, really sticky. And really good.

Donuts aren't just for the morning. On a warm summer day, stop by in the afternoon for an ice cream donut halved and filled with vanilla or neapolitan ice cream. Maybe two ice cream donuts if no one's looking.

January 2012