1219 South Second St.
Philadelphia PA
(267) 687-8258

Donuts - Daily 7 AM to 2 PM*
Chicken - Daily 11:45 AM  to 2 PM*
                  Sat and Sun 5 PM to 8 PM*
*Often Closes earlier because sold out
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So some restaurant folk reached into a hat filled with pieces of paper listing things one might fry and pulled out donuts and fried chicken. Only way to explain how they came up with this weirdly logical concept.

Next challenge, fry up some one-of-a-kind donuts and chicken - as far outside the norm as they are delicious.

And so Federal Donuts came to pass.

Donuts come two ways - cooked to order hot from the fryer, or fancy topped with wild and intense flavors.  Today I had "razzberry balsamic" and s'more.  Flavors change on whim. In the mix, banana caramel, key lime, spicy chocolate and many more.

On a busy day, Federal Donuts starts frying chicken at noon and runs out as soon as 12:30.  More often, they'll still have chicken till one or one thirty. 

This is great chicken.  It starts off Korean style - soaked in brine over night, and fried twice, the second time to order.  It can be ordered dry or glazed. Dry gets tossed in spice mixes such as Middle Eastern Za'atar, my favorite, buttermilk ranch or a spicy harissa. Glazed choices are chili garlic and honey ginger.

Orders are sold by the half chicken and come with a honey soaked donut and teeny, tiny Japanese pickle slices I could eat by the jar full.  I always buy an extra za'atar, stick it in the refrigerator to eat cold the next day.