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El Mercado Farmer's Market off Norris Square, north of Center City Philadelphia is a great source for Hispanic foods. Presently there are three restaurants, a bakery, a juice bar and a produce stand. The restaurants are Puerto Rican, San Salvadorian and Mexican. There's plans for a display kitchen area, giving other Hispanic foods the chance to strut their stuff on a shared basis. A butcher will be opening soon. One thing neat about El Mercado is that everything is home grown. No slick vendors here. Just some very good cooks sharing their tastes with the public.

Best time to visit El Mercado, at least during the Summer, is Friday evening. A band plays on the outdor deck and all the restaurants are open. Other days it is catch as catch can. Also on Friday, El Viejo roasts a who pig on the patio in the afternoon for that evening's service. Be sure to pick up some homemade sofrito from the produce lady. It's a green sauce from Puerto Rico great for green rice and scrambled eggs.

El Viejo
Puerto Rico

La Panchita
El Salvidor


Pan del Dia