Monticello Avenue Between 19th & 20th Sts.
Norfolk VA
(757) 627-4163

Monday thru Saturday
8 AM - Late Night

A hundred years ago, Doumar's invented the ice cream cone. How cool is that. Even cooler, the world's first ice cream cone cranks out cones every day. Fresh cones, so much better than found anywhere else. You can smell the cones cooking as soon as you pull into the parking lot.

Doumar's is almost as famous for the pork barbecue and their cheeseburgers with cheese on both sides. Order the pork barbecue with slaw, and the cheese burger plain. Good grilled hot dog too, served on a burger bun.

On the far right - limeade. Soda water, phosphate, simple syrup and a squeezed lime. Just like they made it 100 years ago.

July 04