5240 Annunciation Street
New Orleans LA
(504) 899-9126

Monday thru Saturday
10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Half way through my shrimp po-boy I was starting to get philosophical. Wondering if maybe once a week Philadelphia hoagie shops could sell po-boys.

Trouble is the bread. Just like cheesesteaks can't travel very far from Philadelphia mostly because of the bread, I can't imagine a po-boy served on anything other than Leidenheimer "Good to the Last Crumb" bread.

The guy just before me ordered the classic po-boy, roast beef and gravy, pictured top left. I had heard about their shrimp po-boy. As great as promised. Got mine dressed - lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup and pickle.

Great system. When you turn comes one of the po' boy makers takes charge of you. Negotiates your po-boy, fries the shrimp and builds the sandwich. The bartender collects the money and gives you back your chit, marked paid. Present the chit back o your po-boy builder and she hands over your po-boy. Heck of a deal.

December 2008