Rte. 263 and Rte 32
New Hope PA
(215) 862-5333

Open Tuesday Thru Sunday

That's a Dilly Dog directly above, a quarter pound hot dog on a torpedo roll topped with peppers, onions, and fries.  Along side, a Dilly Cheeseburger, a third pound burger on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.  They don't seem all that special, but Dilly's corner builds them perfectly.  Just the right ingredients and amount of each.

The 8 of hearts is the ordering system.  When you place the order they give you a playing card and call out the card when the order is ready.  The deck is shuffled, so there is no way of telling where your order is in the sequence of things.

Dilly's also does a great ice cream business.  From what I saw, the "small" cones and sundaes are rather "large."