The Original Hot Dog

620 South Maryland Avenue
Wilmington DE
(302) 998-4191

Open Daily

It's their secret recipe Greek Sauce -  different from any I ever had.  A thick slather, with a spicy kick.  The owner told me he got tired of making a stock pot of the stuff every few days.  Now he heads to a canning processor in Jersey and cooks off enough to last a few weeks.  Does it himself, the recipe being secret and all.

The dogs themselves are split, grilled and served with mustard and chopped raw onions.  That's a double dog above.  Saves ordering two.

And fresh cut fries.  Cooked right.  Served with cider vinegar or Old Bay seasoning (a Del-Mar Peninsula thing - the same seasoning used for hard shell crabs.

There's a lot more on the menu, burgers, ice cream concoctions, steak sandwiches.  Doubt I'll ever make it past their dogs and fries, though.