Corner Henry Ave. at Wendover St.
Philadelphia, PA  (Roxborough)
(215) 482-5407

Monday thru Saturday
Closed Sunday

It's taken me too long to find Dalessandro's.  Knew they were in Roxborough, and figured they had to be on Ridge Avenue.  Every time I drove Ridge Avenue I'd slow down at any place that looked like they might sell cheese steaks, but no Dalessandro's.  I finally broke down and looked up the address.  Henry Avenue, wherever that is.  Turns out it runs parallel to Ridge.  I headed out there.  It was Sunday and they were closed.  Which is fine.  Chubby's is right across the street, and it turns out they make a very good cheese steak.

But not quite as good as Dalessandro's to my taste.  I think it's the bun that makes the difference.  Dalessandro's bun has a fresh, home baked taste.  Like Chubby's, the steak is chopped and the cheese melts it way through the sandwich.

Maybe Roxboro, not South Philly, is Cheese Steak central for Philadelphia.