1615 Ritner Street
Philadelphia, PA  (South Philly)
(215) 334-1934 or 1-888-771-DADS

Monday - Friday  9 AM to 5:30 PM
Saturday  8 AM to 5 PM
Sunday  9 AM to 1 PM

Home cooking Italian Style.  Dad's Stuffings started out as John's Market, a butcher shop.  The official name is "John's Market Presents Dad's Stuffings" and there is still a bunch of butchering going on.  The stuffing business grew because customers liked the stuffed pork roast so much they asked to buy the stuffing alone.  From this, their offerings expanded and expanded with each generation of "Dad's."

Where Dad's shines is in its homemade, prepared foods - Down Home Italian and some Down Home basic American.  A great selection of home made heat and serve, probably the city's largest, along with 7 different stuffings - soups like Chicken with meatballs and spinach, ravioli soup, minestrone.  All sorts of entrees - stuffed chicken, pork chops, veal cutlets, stuffed peppers or cabbage; crab cakes, chicken, meat and ham loaf, pastas, pepper steak, ham and cabbage, quiches and on and on and on.  

It's the sort of a place you bring a buddy along with you, both to help you lug your purchases to the car and to put an arm lock on you once you've spent your pay check.