805 Moonstone Beach Rd
Wakefield RI

Saturday and Sunday
9 to 5 (Earlier the Better)

Daddy's Bread is a one of a kind place - a bakery - sort of a ghost town - not a human in sight - just loaves of home baked bread and, if one gets there early enough, muffins. Bob Marley plays in the background. There is a sign explaining the honor system. And a slot through which to slide a five dollar bill for every loaf picked up.

If every first come, first served applied, it is at Daddy's Bread. The shelves are filled with that morning's baking before the doors open.  Seventeen varieties in the summer, less the rest of the year. Muffins too, but they go fast.

We got there in the early afternoon. Pretty well picked over by then. We picked up a parmesan, dill and garlic loaf.  Good flavors.  Didn't even need butter. Would have made a great sandwich. 

September 2008