40-A Estill Hammock Rd.
Tybee Island, GA
(912) 786-9857

Monday thru Sunday
11:30 AM - 11:00 PM

There are some eighteen cats stalking the Crab Shack. Some of the best fed cats in the state of Georgia. And working cats. Seems the Crab Shack is built in what might be called a marsh or swamp. The cats patrol the borders, keeping out the critters.

The thing to order at the Crab Shack is the Sampler Platter. Crawfish, stone crab, Dungeness crab, mussels, shrimp, sausage, corn and boiled potatoes. There's a big hole cut into the center of each table with a shelf on top. The Sampler goes on the shelf, the emptied shells through the whole. A great system.

July 04