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"What's the difference between a Cozy Dog and a corn dog?" Since they are both on the menu - I thought it was a reasonable question.

"Well if you take a Cozy Dog and a corn dog and put them on a plate, the Cozy dog will go like this and this and this (smartass counterman Chris makes like a kid with toy soldiers) and destroy the corn dog."

"OK, I'll have one of each."

"We don't sell corn dogs."

"Just give me a damn Cozy Dog then." I really hate it when I come off as the tourist I am.

Cozy Drive-In invented the Corn Dog back during WW2 days - just messing around. Seems to have caught off some.

A short while later, "I'll take another Cozy Dog."

"Figured you would. One Cozy Dog usually leads to another."