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Memphis, TN
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Corky's Bar-B-Q

Corky's specializes in dry ribs. My understanding of dry ribs is that instead of being basted and sauced, they go through a two step process. First they are rubbed with a dry marinate prior to barbecuing, then they are sprinkled with a spice mix as they come out of the fire. The grease from the ribs melts the spice mix. I had them a few years ago at the Rendezvous in downtown Memphis. Though a lot of folks call the Rendezvous a tourist trap, the ribs were great.

This trip through Memphis folks told me to try Corky's. Common wisdom is that Corky's serves the best dry ribs anywhere. Mine were good, but I liked the Rendezvous version better. At Corky's the ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender, but on the dry side. Beyond that a lot of the spice sprinkling hadn't dissolved.

But this is a case of not knowing what I like is the same as what tradition dictates. For all I know the Corky's version is the way a Memphis dry rib should be. Or maybe, the ribs I got from Corky's were a tad on the old side. I'm going to have to head back to Memphis and try them at a few more places and get back to the Rendezvous.

However, the smoky baked beans, the home baked roll and the coleslaw were outstanding. Especially the roll.