48 Commons
Little Compton, RI
(401) 635-4388

Sunday thru Thursday - 6 AM to 7 PM
Friday and Saturday - 6 AM to 8 PM

There just can't be a more perfect setting for a New England breakfast place.  A small, historic Rhode Island village. On the town square. Across the street from the three hundred year old United Congregational Church. 

An admission, I screwed up. We drove all the way from Providence to try their Johnny Cakes.  I got distracted by the corned beef hash - home made, maybe my favorite breakfast when done well, and hard to find back in Philadelphia. I ordered a single Johnny Cake, cut it in thirds to share with my table mates, and, in a single bite knew I had under ordered. This was a great Johnny cake - thin, light, with stone ground corn meal grittiness. Best I've had.  Of course I compounded my screw up by forgetting to take a pic of the Johnny Cake - only found an out-of-focus pic in the background of a corned beef hash pic.  Guess I need to get back for a full order of five Johnnycakes and a decent pic.

The corned beef has was great. Nice crispness to the hash, perfectly poached eggs. The waitress asked if I wanted my English muffin grilled or toasted. First time for that question. I opted for grilled.

OK, I'm being a bit judgemental. But one of my friends went the IHOP route and ordered a belgium waffle with strawberries and whipped cream.  I'm shifting the blame to him for not ordering the Johnny cakes or something else New Englandy.  He's on probation for a few future meals. I will probably have to order for him.

He did order a side of bacon and egg. I really liked the simplicity of the presentation.

I was heading from The Commons Lunch to Amtrak and back to Philadelphia. As tempting as the Amtrak club car menu may be, I worked my charm on our waitress to convince her to work her charm on the kitchen to fix me a sandwich to go during the middle of the breakfast rush. The kitchen came through with a classic chicken salad sandwich on white with lettuce and just the right amount of mayonnaise.

One bit of advice - on Sunday make sure to get to The Commons Lunch before United Congregational Church's minister wraps up the service.

December 2012