Pride Goeth Before the Fall

During one of my dinners at La Bruja I heard the two couples at the table behind me talking about Isla restaurants they found on the internet. I had to say hi and tell them about HollyEats.

Turned out it was HollyEats that pointed them to La Bruja. This is the pride part - I turned further in my chair to better hear all the nice things they were saying about Holly Eats.

Did I mention I was sitting in one of those plastic Coca-Cola chairs found all over Isla Mujeres. And that I certainly exceed the rated capacity of said chair - perhaps by a multiple of two. I twisted too far and the chair legs kept twisting, bringing me to the ground, still inside the chair - sort of like a turtle trapped on its back.

Panic ensued. Three scared but very strong women rushed from the kitchen, grabbed my left arm and pulled it in three different directions - unintentionally, I presume, keeping me pinned down, inside my chair. I kept saying, "I'm ok, please let go of my arm." Alas their English matches my Spanish.

Happy ending. I eventually made it to my feet with the help of one of the men at the table I was talking with. The three ladies and I debated a wood chair or doubling up two Coke chairs - we settled on wood.

The queso fundido, fish vera cruz and flan were excellent.

This year's Isla adventure continues.