1014 Federal Street
Philadelphia, PA (South Philly)
(215) 462-8040

Monday - Saturday
9 AM to 4 PM

Chickie's uses Sarcone's bread. There is no better hoagie bread in Philadelphia. Problem is, on Saturdays Chickie's usually runs out of bread early in the afternoon. Nothing more disheartening than arriving at Chickies and seeing a sheet of deli wrap taped to the front door announcing "NO MORE BREAD."

Upon the bread, Chickie builds great hoagies. The tuna (tuna meat, not tuna salad) special with sharp provolone , roasted peppers and more. And Chickie's is the only place where I will specifically order vegetarian anything - their Original Veggie Hoagie - baked eggplant, sautéed greens, roasted peppers and sharp provolone.

Above - the Chickie Special - Proscuitto, Sopressato, Dry Cured Capicolla, sharp provolone, roasted peppers, lettuce, tomato and onions.