Corner of Abasolo and Guerrero
Isla Mujeres

Open for Breakfast and Lunch
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Cazuela M&J has moved to the corner of Abasolo and Guerrero in El Centro. I miss their old location, on a cliff over the Caribbean. The good news is the cazuelas are as bubbling hot and delicious as before.

Cazuela M & J is famous for an egg dish of their making - half omelet, half soufflé - the Cazuela - baked in a shallow clay dish. I had one with shrimp, mushrooms and fresh herbs and another with ham and mushrooms. All are covered with cheese and cooked in a very hot oven. The cazuela arrives sizzling and steaming and takes a minute or so to quiet down.

Also on the menu, Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Cheese and Crepa Tropical - crepes with fresh fruit and yoghurt. Fresh orange juice, a good cup of coffee too.

Update February, 2012