420 Social Street
Woonsocket, RI
(401) 762-5424

Monday to Saturday
11 AM to 8 PM

Even before I heard of dynamites I had this urge to head to Woonsocket. Just liked the sound of it.

Dynamites, being highly edible, gave me a more practical reason. Dynamites are sloppy Joe's with a kick, served on a slab of Italian bread. The kick comes from hot peppers mixed in with sweet peppers.

Dynamite sauce also goes on a hot dog for a dynamite dog and, as an entree, over spaghetti.

Everything is home cooked. The fries and onion rings are fresh cut. There were a couple of tempting orders of liver and onions on the grill.

I'm saving the best for last.  The nice person working the counter insisted I try their meat ball.  A good meatball it was.  But the gravy - the sauce.  As good as I've ever had. 

September, 2008