15 Anderson Street
Trenton NJ
(609) 393-5875

Monday thru Saturday
7 AM - 5 PM

Note: This write-up is on Casino Tony Joes. The place has been sold and is now a Spanish restaurant. But the unique approach to an Italian Hot Dog is on the menu.

Tony Goes dates back to 1935 Canio (Tony) Sbarro decided Trenton needed an Italian Hot Dog. Unaware of or uninfluenced by the North Jersey's Italian Dog, Tony served his up on a Torpedo Roll with fried onions, peppers and potatoes. That's a single dog above. My bad. The dog, itself gets lost in the roll. I should have ordered a double dog. But the roll is great, the sautéed peppers and onions pure Italian. A great dog.

The name. Tony was a busy man. His hot dogs quickly caught on and Tony was constantly running back and forth for more ingredients. People would stop him to say hi and Tony always hurried on, "Gotta go, gotta go." In the way of neighborhoods everywhere, Tony became known as Tony Goes and the Casino became Casino Tony Goes.

December 05