3005 Colerain Avenue
Cincinnati, OH
(513) 541-0061

Open 24 hrs Mon - Sat
Closed Sunday

Cincinnati chili is not chili as most of us know it. Little if any heat, on the sweet side, and usually served on macaroni. I think of it as Greek chili, similar to Coney Island all the way sauce for hot dogs.

In Cincinnati the chili is ordered two, three, four or five ways. Five ways is chili on top of spaghetti and topped with beans, onion and cheese. That's five way chili in the upper right. Below it a chili dog with cheese and onions.

Camp Washington is a good place for breakfast too. Had two eggs, crisp buttery hash browns and a slab of goetta. Goetta is a mixture of ground beef and oatmeal. Pronounced getta - the o is silent.

I really like that the Beard Foundation gave Camp Washington a James Beard Award.