Booth's Corner Farmer's Market
Naaman's Creek and Foulk Roads
Boothwyn, PA
(484) 947-8914

Friday       9 AM to 9 PM
Saturday  9 AM to 8 PM


One of the other Booth's Corner Farmer's Market merchant's called out to Don Applebaum, "It's official, you're the busiest draw in the market.  More folks waiting here than looking at the puppies at the pet shop."  Indeed, my first pass through the market people were waiting five deep behind six counter stools.

Good reason for the crowds.  Cajun cooking as good as the hard-to-find places in New Orleans that locals keep secret from the hordes of tourists.

Don, to the right in the red hat at the left, building a brisket po-boy learned Cajun cooking working for Emeril Lagasse, working from line cook to saucier to sous chef. His wife Kate, as in Cajun Kate, followed a similar career path at New Orleans' Bayona.  Training like that - the cooking has to be authentic N'awlins, even in Booth's Corner PA.

My favorites, so far, the brisket po-boy and the brisket gumbo.  Got a taste of their kick-*** jambalaya and know I'll be ordering the deep fried macaroni and cheese with t***o ham and crabmeat on my next visit.  Both the brisket po-boy and gumbo were specials.  A couple of weeks ago, Cajun Kate's served a duck gumbo. 

Went back the following week for a soft shell crab po-boy. 

Might look like a tip jar to the right.  Nope, it's three year old son Ben's college fund.  The way business is going, the kid is going to the Cornell Hotel school, or at least Harvard, and will have change left over for a Wharton MBA.

September 08