800 Decatur Street
New Orleans LA
(504) 525-4544

24 Hours A Day
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Since 1862 Cafe Du Monde has pretty much done just two things - beignets and chicory coffee, black or au lait. There are some other drinks on the menu, but the line down Decatur Street forms for the beignets and cafe au lait.

Beignets are fried dough coated and piled high with powdered sugar. They are served warm, and seem to soak in the sugar.

The chicory coffee can be ordered either black or au lait, with cream. It is an acquired taste, that is easy to acquire.

The line is long, especially on weekends, but moves fast. If you don't need the full Cafe Du Monde table service experience, there is a take out line around back. Grab your beignets and coffee and head to Jackson Square. Just past the line - windows into the kitchen where you can watch the beignets being made.

Standing in line has its rewards - mainly the chance to hear some awfully good trumpet playing.

December 2008