Broadway & Stinson
Evansville, IN

Tue - Fri 4 AM - 4 PM
Sat & Sun 7 AM - 6 PM

You have to be seven or eight blocks along the path less taken before stumbling upon this place. Despite the name, they serve a lot more than burgers. Above, the $3.99 meat and three special - meat loaf and a choice of three vegetables. I went for mashed potatoes with white gravy, cooked cabbage and cole slaw, with a side of corn bread. For dessert, home made lemon meringue pie. Someone just before me had ordered the last order of peach cobbler.

Other daily specials are Pepper Beef Steak (Tues), Beef Stew (Wed), Pork Chop (Fri), Spaghetti (Sat) and, of course, Fried Chicken (Sun).