3117 21st St
Metairie, LA
(504) 831-8666

Tuesday Thru Saturday
Lunch and Dinner

My first visit to Bozo's was at their original location in downtown New Orleans. It was 1968 and we were there to tape the first ever Big Mac TV commercials - the ones used for Big Mac test markets. Seems we couldn't find a production facility in Chicago and had to suffer a few days in New Orleans.

I shared this with my waitress. "That's nice," as she headed for another table. Bozo's started off as a private club and the restaurant has the same feel if one isn't a regular.

Back then the production facility was buying. We had a private room. They covered the table first with shucked oysters, then with large platters of crawfish piled high. It was a feast I longed to repeat.

Didn't quite do that, but started with a dozen oysters the shucker raised to 15 because some were small. Followed that with a shrimp and crawfish combination platter. Good eating but not what I remembered from 1968.