801 Caroline Street
Key West, FL
(305) 294-9272

Something like Monday thru Thursday, Saturday 11AM - 7:59 PM Friday 11 AM - 9 PM Sunday 11 AM - 5 PM

Two things happen precisely on time in Key West. The sun sets over Mallory Square and at 7:59PM on a Saturday evening B.O.'s Fish Wagon closes. You know when closing time is coming because for the last 45 minutes or so one of the guys in the kitchen yells out how much longer every five minutes and, at the end, every minute. He also shares his personal creed, "God, Country, Wagon, Corps."

Above is a hot dog, all the way. The dog is grilled with split ends, served on Cuban bread and bedazzled with ketchup, onions and mustard. To the right, a combination of conch fritters, fried grouper (today's catch) and fries. They're famous for their fish sandwich but the kitchen never got around to showing me one.

You order and pay at the counter. Prompty (Key West time - within the hour) one of the cooks, your order in hand, wanders through the dining area calling and often ridiculing your name.

My dining companion for lunch is the cat next to my Budweiser. B.O.s is especially popular with the area dogs. Three stopped by for a quick snack while I was there.

B.O. by the way stands for Buddy Owens, a dedicated fisherman whose favorite hobby is the bar/restaurant business.

March 2006