600 Catherine Street
Philadelphia, PA
(215) 238-0615

Wednesday Thru Sunday
11:30 AM to 7:00 PM

If God can grow it, Blue Belly can barbecue it.

I'm working my way thru their menu. Started with the short ribs, above. The char on the ribs was outrageous. Blue Belly smokes the short ribs first and then finishes them on a broiler adding a caveman char to the surface of the short ribs.

Same cooking process for the other meats I've tried - Berkshire pork shoulder in the upper right, chicken thigh and drumstick pictured to the right and Texas style smoked sausages on the right - that day's selection of sausages: andouille, herbed and bacon and cheese.

I've tried a couple of their sandwiches so far. Fried oysters and pulled pork. The oysters are good sized and flour dusted before frying and topped with lettuce, tomato and Old Bay seasoned mayonnaise. The pulled pork comes with plenty of "browns" and is topped with cole slaw and South Carolina Mustard sausce.

The sides are great. Bacon and onion corn cakes, brussel sprouts with lardons, baked beans load with pork, cole slaw, potato salad and greens. Plates come with pickle slices and a couple of pickled okra - sandwiches with fries and slaw.

Blue Belly BBQ was opened by the same folk who run Cochon, a pork-centric BYO across 6th Street.

August 2012