1715 6th Avenue SE
Decatur AL
(256) 350-6969

9:30 AM - 8:15 PM

The fourth generation of Gibson's are now doing the work. Big Bob, all 6'4" and 300 lbs of him, started things off in 1925. They've been packing in customers and trophies ever since.

Before heading inside I wandered around back to check out the wood. Came upon an acre of hickory and one of the pit-masters, Todd, hosing down some burnt coals. One thing lead to another and I wrangled a tour of their pits. Plural, because they've got a few going. One for chickens out back, and a newer one for pork butts and briskets in the kitchen.

I asked Todd what's good. He said he'd send me a little bit of everything to my table so I could decide for myself. "A little bit of everything" came on two heaping plats - ribs, pork but and chicken on one. Brisket and turkey on the other. All were great, but I probably liked the turkey and the chicken the best. Then again, their pork butt wins all sort of championships. Easy to taste why.

Big Bob Gibson's is famous for their peppery white sauce - the chicken is good enough to eat without it, but even better with it.

May 2005