Off The Town Square (Rte 27)
Boothbay ME

Lunch Tues. - Sat.
Dinner Tues. - Fri.

The only thing larger than Bet's mile-high fish sandwich is her booming Downeast personality.  Every order comes with a warm welcome, two or three jokes and, maybe, a 10 minute monologue on the rather large bride getting married in the gazebo across the way who, dressed in white, looked like a snow bank as she got out of the dirty white limo.

Bet's been frying fish for the past 9 years.  Seems she owns a 70 foot fishing boat and has to do something with all that fish.  It's haddock, and it's as fresh as it gets.

Ordering hint - unless you wrestle in the WWF, a half sandwich and a half order of fries will fill you up quite nicely.