218 E. Cleveland Road
Huron OH
(419) 433-4123

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

One summer back in the mid '60's I managed the guest cafeteria at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio. It was one long beach party interrupted by work. Lived too many days on boiler makers and beer nuts. And Berardi's French Fries. Berardi's had a stand at Cedar Point; served the best french fries I ever had. And with white vinegar of all things, instead of ketchup.

So I stopped by Cedar Point this trip for a reunion with their fries. Alas their food service had taken over the fry concession. A decent fry, but nothing as good as Berardi's. I asked around. Learned that the Berardi Family had a restaurant in Huron, a few miles east of Sandusky. Headed there for dinner. Went for the local fried perch. And french fries - with white vinegar of course. Just as I remembered them. Worth the detour off the Ohio Turnpike. Some of the best fries in the US.