1213 U Street
N.W. Washington D.C

Mon - Sat: Breakfast Through Late Night
Sunday: Noon - 7 PM


First people kept sending me emails saying I had to get to Ben's Chili Bowl. Then when I let some folks in the DC area know I was heading there, they warned me not to expect too much.

Fortunately I listened to the first group and ignored the second. Ben's is the sort of place that, if I was moving to DC I'd chose a home within walking distance. A DC institution that well deserves five grease stains.

The meal to order is the half smoke - a sausage with a light smoke. Topped with chili and on a bun for lunch, along side fried egs and grits for breakfast.

You stand in line to order then grab a seat at the counter or a table. One of the runners will bring your order over. Thank them with a buck or two.