Officially Tacos Campos

New Location - ask a local.
Isla Mujeres

Open daily from maybe 8 PM or 9 PM late into the night

A long-running debate on Isla Mujeres is who has the best tacos. Ball Park Tacos is always first or second on the list. I agree.

I went for two tacos al pastor - pork roasted on a spit - and one chorizo. There is a choice of corn or flour tortillas. Also with or without queso (cheese). No wrong choices here.

Then its onto the fixings bar. Salsa, onions, radishes, and outstanding marinated nopal cactus. Also refried beans and rice.

Ballpark Tacos is strong on desserts too. Ice cream, a variety of cakes and, my favorite, a fantastic flan.

One warning I hear from everyone. Beware of the baños (bathrooms). But the ingesting part is terrific.

Note: Ballpark Tacos has moved to a non-ballpark location. Ask any local for directions