2293 Folly Road (James Island)
Charleston SC
(843) 795-7518

Open Daily
Lunch and Dinner

Bowen's Island is also on the road to Folly Beach. This is the first time I've been able to make it past Bowen's Island and their roast oysters to see what was down the road. Glad I did.

There is probably no better area to find consistently good fried fish than along the Carolina Coast, especially from Calabash NC to Charleston. The Anchor Line, just before the bridge to Folly Beach does it better than most.

I started with a bowl of their crab gumbo. Rich broth, plenty of crab. Folks next to me had crab dip - crab blended with cream cheese and horseradish.

The fried platters come in three sizes and infinite combinations. I did fried oysters and shrimp. Outstanding. The oysters had a heavier coating, but perfectly fried. The small shrimp, were also perfect, but with a delicate, crisp flour coating. A hush puppy and slaw on the side.

When you're in the area, allow at least two days. One for Bowen's and one for the Anchor Line.