114 West Lafayette Blvd.
Detroit MI
(586) 219-0995

Open 24 Hours
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One of the original and many insist the original Detroit Coney Island hot dog restaurant. Founded in 1917 by Gust Keros, it's been in the Keros family ever since.

I tried both the Coney Island dog show to the left above and their Loose Hamburger on the right. Both were topped with Coney Island chili sauce and ordered all the way, meaning topped with mustard and chopped, fresh onion. The hot dog had a nice snap. Good flavored chili. Maybe too heavy a hand with the mustard.

It's a big place - they bought the corner store next to them a while back, more than doubling their seating.

They are right next to Lafayette Coney Island, opened by Cust's brother Michael in the same year. Try both places and pick your favorite.

July 2010